Current state-of-play on workplace inclusion from over 500 organisations revealed in new report from Inclusion 247

Key Takeaways:

How to Move Forward With Confidence

Typically, a senior manager’s role is to translate the company’s strategic business plan into a working brief, whilst also striving to improve business health through continued improvement plans. This is all whilst supporting their team, their executive leadership team and ensuring personal self-care and development.

It can be extremely rewarding and exhilarating when done right, but exhausting, demoralising and downright painful when done wrong. Thankfully, Margo Manning is on hand to help any senior manager to move forward with confidence in her new book, ‘The Step-Up Mindset For Senior Managers’.

The second book in…

Providing practical advice to navigate periods of transition and change

The past year has produced an unforeseen period of transition and change for both individuals and businesses alike. With widespread furlough schemes, an increase in the number of people working from home and social parameters limited by lockdown restrictions, many people have been left struggling to adjust both their private and working lives to the new conditions.

As the world demands continuous output, efficiency and adaptability, it can be difficult to know how to sustain yourself through external pressures and unpredictable circumstances. In his new book This Is Your Moment

The second book in the Mind Monsters series educates families about OCD through a children’s story

There is no shortage of talk around parenthood, however there are many challenges where the effects are not obvious, and therefore are often missed out from broader conversations about how families should be supported.

The impact of mental illnesses such as Obsessive Compulsive Order (OCD) within children is often overlooked and misunderstood. Research suggests that OCD affects as much as 1.2% of the UK population, and symptoms often begin to show themselves in childhood and adolescence. …

Recent research indicates that 47% of employees are now less career-focussed as a result of the pandemic. This presents a unique opportunity for employers to tap into a moment of clarity, to find out how employee sentiment has changed, and respond sensitively, claims organisational development expert, Carmel Moore.

The lockdown experience has arguably given people a clearer sense of how they could live their lives and spend their time; they have been able, from a distance, to see work in a broader context. This broader context included family commitments, physical wellbeing and creative pursuits (even if that was only the…

New research from Product Focus has revealed over one million people across the world are working in product management roles. The research, which was conducted using LinkedIn in July 2021, highlights the wide range of countries and industries where product managers work, and Product Focus have created a helpful infographic to showcase the findings of the study in more detail.

One of the key takeaways from the research is the discovery that the UK has the highest number of Product Managers in Europe, with 59,000. Germany is close behind with 47,000 and France comes third with 30,000. In fact, the…

According to UK government data, in 2020 there were 5.7 million micro-businesses in the UK, therefore making up 96% of all businesses. Micro-businesses are defined as those with 0–9 employees. These businesses have unique requirements and need an accounting solution that is tailored to their needs and easy-to-use. Oumesh Sauba spotted this gap in the market and created the AI-driven MyT app and software solution. MyT recently surpassed its initial Seedrs funding target, securing an impressive 132% of their desired target of £100,000.

MyT’s innovative app harnesses the power of AI to help micro-businesses process invoices and receipts, and manage…

As students head into summer, Tik Tok’s new pilot Resumé feature allows them to showcase their talent and seek out new job opportunities, but will it become the norm? Career expert and Notebook Mentor CEO, Elisa Nardi, provides her insight.

The idea of showcasing yourself ‘socially’ isn’t a new concept. Employers already take sneaky peaks at your ‘on -line life’ to get a sense of who they are hiring. …

Challenging established conventions on risk, care and compliance

The past year has fundamentally changed how individuals think about risk, forcing them to adopt new practices and consider how they go about managing potential hazards every day. In such unprecedented times, many have found themselves seeking guidance and a better understanding of what good health and safety practice means.

Too often health and safety is reduced to the basic act of ticking boxes and filling out forms, with the essential role of human intuition and care underplayed. …

Sustainability expert and founder of Single Organizing Idea discusses the importance of ESG and why more businesses need to take notice of these three essential letters.

Most businesses are familiar with the term CSR and probably have a number of initiatives in place which purport to deliver tangible benefits to the environment or society. What is far less common (at least in the UK) is the term ESG, but mark my words, they are three letters that will fundamentally shape the future of every business on the planet.

ESG stands for ‘Environmental, Social, and Governance’, three non-financial factors that investors…

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